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Check out 608today’s top 10 list of times Madison ranked top 10 on lists

We’ve collected a few of our favorite city lists on which Madison ranked top ten, and created a top ten list of our own.

608 isthmus

Top ten on the lists, No. 1 in our hearts. | Photo by Kirby Wright Photography

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite lists that Madison has ranked highly on, and created a ranked list of our own.

Behold, 608today’s top 10 list of times Madison ranked top 10 on lists:

10. Best biking cities in Wisconsin | No. 10
We’re in the 91st percentile nationwide for biking cities. Get in on the action via our 200 miles of bike-friendly paths.

9. Best cities for young professionals | No. 5
Our diverse offering of agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare career opportunities paired with the food and drink scene make Madison magnetic for recent college grads.

8. Most neighborly | No. 1
We’re not surprised that Madison topped this list, “Midwest nice” is a real thing.

7. Best cities for singles | No. 5
Looking for date night ideas? We got you covered.

608 settle down

Cheers to you, 608 singles. | Photo by Settle Down Tavern

6. Isthmus cities | No. 1
Since there are only two major cities built on an isthmus, we took the liberty of ranking Madison No. 1 — better luck next year, SEAtoday.

5. Migraine hot spots | No. 2
Our high headache score is attributed to “lifestyle factors” — see next listing.

4. Best drinking cities | No. 2
We’re joined by Osaka, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, and Melbourne.

3. Most playgrounds per capita | No. 1
Because it’s not all about the adults having fun.

2. Best college towns | No. 3
College sports are king on the isthmus. UW-Madison’s volleyball, basketball, hockey, and football teams are constantly bringing their A-game.


If tailgating was a sport, we’d be world champs. | Photo by Second Crop Creative

1. Best cities to live | No. 1
Coming in at our number one spot, Livability ranked us No. 1 for our amenities, education, and outdoor spaces. We couldn’t agree more.

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