Which Madison-area social media accounts are you following?

We want our readers’ insight on who’s who in the Madison social media scene.


Lost? Follow us. | Photo by 608today

You all follow us, so you must be cool, and we want to know which other Madisonians you follow online.


Photographers | While we like to take pics around Madison, we want to highlight locals with a true talent for capturing the city’s essence.

Fashion | Madison is full of fun thrift shops and trendy boutiques, and we’re always looking for style tips.

Foodies | There’s not enough time in the day (or money in our wallets) to try all of 608’s best eateries. We’ll watch enviously from our phones.

608 Merchant

We’re ISO creators who let their phone “eat” first. | Photo by 608today

Artists | Digital or physical — Madison is full of creative geniuses. Who are your favorite 608 painters, sculptors, and/or digital artists currently on the scene?

Small businesses | Shopping local makes retail therapy sessions feel even better. Which small businesses do you think deserve a spotlight?

Local leaders | Fill us in on some civic leaders or nonprofits that are dedicated to making Madison a better place.

Musicians | Our playlists need a re-up before summer kicks off, and who better to listen to than some fellow Madisonians?

Comedians | What’s so funny? No seriously, which locals have been making you crack up in the 608 lately?

Influencers | Whether it be on TikTok, blogs, YouTube, or Instagram, we want to keep up with the local social media personalities.

We’ll go first

A few of our faves:

Allison Gallipeau wakes up early, so you don’t have to. Check out her Madison morning shots.

Wisconsin Capitol

See Madison through a new lens, literally. | Photo by Allison Gallipeau

The Black Diner gives thorough written reviews of all of the Madison food she eats.

You may recognize Audifax’s work from Mother Fool’s mural wall or her Garver Feed Mill exhibit.

Check out Lunar Moth at the Rigby on Thursday, April 4.

If you haven’t been to a Cheshire Cat Comedy show, you’re missing out.

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