Bubbler map for Madison, WI runners

Whether you call it a water fountain or a bubbler, this 608 runner mapped them all out for us.

Going out without a bottle — water you, crazy? While exercising or commuting outdoors, it’s recommended to drink half a liter of water per hour of movement.

Lucky for you, Madisonian Jason Berthiaume has got you covered. The local runner recently took to Reddit to gather information on public, accessible bubblers around the Madison area for those in need of a hydration station while out + about.

Though winter is approaching + many outdoor fountains will get shut off, this is more of a long-term project for Jason. His objective is to spread the word and create a resource available for public use 24/7 during Madison’s prime running season.

Share this with the fitness fiend in your life to make sure they don’t get stuck without proper hydration on their next venture.

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