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How to use Bicycle Benefits in Madison, WI


It’s as easy as 1,2,3. | Photo by 608today team

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City Editor Audrey here. 👋 While City Editor Ryan is our resident bike aficionado — you can follow him on Strava if you want — I found something even he didn’t know about for those who prefer to commute on two wheels — Bicycle Benefits.

What they are

A 1.5-by-1 inch sticker for your bike helmet. This $5 pass gets you discounts and rewards at local businesses and restaurants. Simply show your bike helmet adorned with the sticker to get $1 off a slice of pizza at Ian’s or 5% off your purchase at Regent Market Co-op. The best part? They never expire.

Who they’re for

The stickers are for everyone who rides a bike, trike, or anything with pedals. Sorry, mopeds and motorcycles are not a part of the mission. The overall program is aimed at shifting transportation methods to alleviate congestion + parking demand within cities by rewarding cyclists and increasing visibility for local businesses. Sounds like a win-win for Madison.

How to get one

You can order one directly from the Bike Benefits website, but they suggest picking one up at a local participating store. You have to order a minimum of five and it’s a whole thing, so just start looking locally at Willy Street Co-op, Batch Bakehouse, or any location with the sticker icon.

Where to use them

Over 100+ shops + eateries in Madison honor the sticker. A few to check out:

You can even map out your ride around the city to all the locations.

Pro tip: The sticker works in 50+ cities around the country — and growing. This is your sign to pack your bike helmet for your next adventure.

Know of something that isn’t on this list? Let us or Bicycle Benefits know.

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