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We’re rolling out a special newsletter section just for you.

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Have exciting news? Get ready to shout it out in the newsletter.

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We’re sharing exciting news with our 608today family. We’ve launched a new shoutout section in our newsletter just for you.

We’re offering our most passionate and loyal readers (yep, that’s you) the opportunity to support local journalism through our 608today membership program, where you’ll gain exclusive access to have your voice included in the newsletter.

Your voice is valuable, and so are the special moments in your life. Shoutouts allow us to celebrate job promotions, anniversaries, and exciting experiences right here in Madison. All you have to do is submit your shoutout, and we will take it from there. Already a 608today member? Go ahead and send an email to secure your shoutout now.

Other membership perks include exclusive birthday deals, shoutouts + discounts in our online shop (Six & Main).

In addition to offering membership benefits, we genuinely just love giving you the scoop on the newest restaurants, the coolest events, detailing the city’s history, digging into the latest real estate deals, and keeping you up-to-date on developments around town.

Your membership fee of only $50 will go towards keeping our newsletter hyper-local and supporting our local editors. We’re also donating 10% of memberships annually to a local philanthropic cause.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued readership and support. Ready to take your love for 608today to the next level? There’s a shoutout with your name on it waiting for you…

Join today.

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