Madison, we’re feeling the love

We asked you to share your local love story. You shared plenty.

A skyline photo of Madison with social media hearts peppering the sky.png

Madison is bursting with love. | Graphic by 608today

For Valentine’s Day 2024, we made a map of local places where our readers have made memories. We asked for your help compiling everything from proposals to making friends. You did not disappoint.

Explore these local love stories by zooming in on Madison and clicking on the hearts, but there are a few love stories that we just had to share:

  • “[Picnic Point] is the spot where you first kissed me. I was too scared to kiss you first. It’s a spot I returned to in my head over and over and over but never in real life until I was with you again. It’s the spot where finally, freezing cold with our feet in the mud and the snow in the dark with the city staring back at us, I told you that I still love you. And I finally kissed you first. I love you.” - Anonymous
  • “Met my husband, Dennis T, on Sat, Sep 14, 1991 [at the Crystal Corner Bar]...the Rousers were playing.” - Dee G.
  • “My boyfriend and I went on our first date here [Cherokee Marsh]! He had asked me to brunch, but I was out of town so I asked if he would be up for a hike after work the next day. He hates to drive, but drove across town and out onto this secluded gravel road to meet me. When he got out of the car, he had brought me a book as a gift and I knew right away that there was something there! The hike was great and we’ve been hiking together ever since (even though it was a million degrees that day and we both sweat so hard and I realized it was NOT the cutest I have ever looked on a first date lol). Now we own a house near Cherokee Marsh and walk our dog together near Cherokee South every day.” - Anonymous

Now we’re really feeling the love.

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