Have you heard you can help birds, Madisonians?

Badgerland Bird Alliance is asking for bald eagle watchers

A bald eagle and her young in a nest.jpeg

There are around 1,600 nesting pairs of bald eagles in every county in Wisconsin. | Photo by Amber Leifheit via Badgerland Bird Alliance

Fly Like an Eagle,” sings the Steve Miller Band. Eagles are starting to fly again over Wisconsin’s winter skies. You can help our local feathered friends by volunteering to be a bald eagle nest watcher.

Badgerland Bird Alliance is seeking citizen scientists to monitor our resident birds. Participants are matched with a nest, most about an hour’s drive from Madison, and will visit it once per week for an hour each time. Monitoring starts in February when adult birds begin preparing nests, until their young fledge.

During that hour, volunteers will observe and document what the birds are doing. Training is provided and volunteers will learn all about bald eagles.

Did you know: In the mid-1900s bald eagles were on the brink of extinction due to various environmental hazards. In 1972, there were only 100 nesting pairs of bald eagles in Wisconsin. Today, there are around 1,600 nesting pairs in every county.

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