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Stella’s Bakery in Madison

Get to know the folks at Stella’s Bakery, home of the hot + spicy cheese bread.

loaf of bread

Why get six mini loaves when you could get six large loaves?

Photo by @katiebeth26

When it comes to Stella’s Bakery, people often fall into two camps. Those who live for hot and spicy cheese bread, and those who just haven’t tried it yet. It’s a 608 institution and a Dane County Farmers’ Market staple that’s been vending since 1988 — maybe you’ve seen the line around the block.

Home of the Original Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread — Stella’s is located at 2908 2908 Syene Rd. Aside from DCFM, you can also find these products at:

  • Westside + Monona Farmers’ Markets
  • Grocers like Willy Street Co-op, Metcalfe’s + Woodman’s
  • Restaurants including Cafe Hollander, Nitty Gritty, and Short Stack Eatery

With the outdoor market season coming to a close, we checked in with the folks at Stella’s to chat one more time about their treats + get the scoop on what the team is enjoying right now.

Q: How many tries did it take to perfect the spicy cheese bread recipe?
A: The recipe has always been the same from the beginning, however, we sometimes tweak the process for efficiency.

Q: While you’re known for your spicy cheese bread, what’s one item on your menu you think is underrated or deserves more of the spotlight?
A: Our Cheese empanadas are not underrated by any means, however, they don’t have the attention and demand of the Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread. Our flatbread crackers are a new addition to our menu and it’s going to take some time to build momentum. They are unique, delicious, and versatile — great to eat by themselves or paired with a nice spread or dip. Once people try them, they are hooked.

Q: You’re a landmark at America’s largest producers-only farmers’ market. What are your go-to stops during Saturday on the Square?
A: Some of my favorites are spring flowers and plants and apples in the fall.

Let us know your favorite treat from Stella’s Bakery.