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How to navigate our community events page

Never again wonder how to browse for cool events in our city or how to upload your own.


Our events page makes it easy to find happenings on the go.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

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You may be familiar with the events section of our newsletter — but what about our website?

Make the most of our comprehensive events calendar with these pro tips for navigating our site like a true local.

Event search tools

First, head to our Events page.

Then, start scrolling to see what events are coming up, or use these key features to filter events more specifically:

Magnifying glass icon: Search keywords to find event categories or search events by name.
“All Events” drop-down (desktop): Search for virtual events or “Editor’s Picks.”

  • What’s an Editor’s Pick, you ask? Those are events that our team has personally curated for our audience. Aka: fun, noteworthy, or important goings-on in the community.

Descending list icon (desktop): Choose how you want events for each day to be ordered — by time, popularity, or alphabetically.
Bullet list icon: Change the format from lists to thumbnails.
Additional tools: Select date, location, and/or radius.

Add your own event

You can add your own events to our community calendar. Here’s how:

  • Create a login | On the upper right of the events page, you’ll see an “Add event” button and a small person emblem. Click on the person to create a login.
  • Add | Now that you have an account, click the “Add event” button to open the event submission form.
  • Details | Input the name, date(s), time(s), location, price, and a brief description of your event before reviewing and submitting.
  • Find it | Use the search bar to look up your event. Don’t see it showing up? Shoot us an email, we’ll help you get it uploaded.

Bonus: You can always upload events for free, or choose a paid option to guarantee that it’s listed in our newsletter. Review our promotional offerings before clicking “submit.”

Happy event hunting!

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