UW-Madison trombone players release a new album

The Beltline Bones want you to rethink what classical music is.

Four smiling well-dressed trombone players holding their instruments.jpeg

The Beltline Bones have just released their first album, “Audiogenica.” | Photo via Beltline Bones

“The trombone made no sense to me,” said musician Adam Nissenbaum, reflecting on the odd brass instrument. But things change. He is now completing his Doctor of Music Arts degree in trombone performance at UW-Madison.

He’s hooked on the trombone. “The range, the color, the fluidity and flexibility, all of it is magical.”

That magic has translated into the Beltline Bones, a newly formed trombone quartet consisting of Nissenbaum, Justin Coyne, Cole Bartels, and Zachary Bethel, all UW-Madison students.

They’ve just released their first album, “Audiogenica,” now available for purchase. It’s not your typical classical music album. It incorporates different genres with electronic elements to immerse listeners in a new kind of listening experience.

“There’s a growing sentiment among younger musicians to make music that relates to their lives and reflects their experiences,” notes band member Justin Coyne.

Currently on tour, the Beltline Bones will have Madison show dates soon. In the meantime, you can follow them on Instagram for updates.