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photo of Ally and Ryan with Madison skyline in the background

Do you have a secret spot perfect for skyline photo ops?

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Hey 608, Ally + Ryan here. We get the privilege of sharing the news with over 40,000 readers in Madison, daily — through our newsletter + social feeds.

We have a new face at 608today, so you can consider this our official meet-cute (no cinematic, albeit awkward, coffee spill bump-ins required). 😘

Meet Ally 👋

Q: Describe your perfect day in Madison.
A: I’d start my day off with Gotham Bagels + a walk down Picnic Point. Then, I’d go thrifting at Upshift with my best friend, which offers free coffee + boxed wine to really heighten the shopping experience. We would meander around the square, people-watching, before I ended my day with a drinks + apps date night at Nattspil.

Q: If you were taking someone on a tour around 608, where are the three places you’re going?
A: Chazen Art Museum – Free admission + cool art is a no-brainer. Willy Street — I love the charm that Willy Street offers. It’s easy to walk, making it perfect for popping into all of the shops + cafes for quick bites and quirky trinkets. Short Stack — Ordering the blind special is a must. Takeout only though, I’m not waiting in that line.

Q: You’re ordering a drink from 608-coffee shop/bar: What’s in it?
A: Two words: spicy + margarita. Preferably from The Mason on South Park Street.

Meet Ryan 👋

Q: Describe your perfect day in Madison.
A: Early morning coffee from Cafe Domestique + a treat from Batch Bakehouse. A day filled with outdoors time — cycling, walking, picnicking in a park. Cap it off with happy hour at Sardine. Must-try: moule frites + a tin of sardines.

Q: You can only choose one local restaurant menu to bring with you to a deserted island — which one is it + why?
A: To anyone who closely follows my Editor’s Picks, this will come as no surprise. Casetta Kitchen and Counter — a contemporary sandwich shop with a rotating weekly menu — would be my desert island restaurant. Anyone can make a decent sandwich, only the greats can make an amazing one.

Q: What are your tips for parking downtown on a weekend night?
A: My greatest pro tip: ride a bike. The 608 has more bike parking than car parking — and it’s all free. For motor enthusiasts, use tools like the City of Madison parking utility to check lot availability as well as pricing.

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