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Madisonian goats are now being deployed

Locals will find the ungulates at several city parks this summer.

A closeup of a white goat in some sparse shrubbery.jpeg

Goats are effective in land management, eating invasive species. | Photo via Madison Parks Division

Who let the goats out? (Who, who, who, who, who?) The City of Madison Parks Division, that’s who. Back for their sixth season this summer, goats are being utilized for prescribed grazing in several of Madison’s city parks.

Why goats?

They’re effective at controlling invasive plant species like honeysuckle, buckthorn, and other brush that shades out native grasses and wildflowers. They also allow the city to cut back on mowing and herbicides.

When and where?

Though there is no set schedule for the goats, they typically graze in one- or two-week stints. This summer, the flocks will be at the following parks:

  • Acewood
  • Cherokee Marsh
  • Door Creek
  • Edna Taylor
  • Elver
  • Prairie Ridge
  • Turville Point

View the map for specific targeted grazing locations.

Care to help?

Volunteers check on the goats, refill their drinking water, and inspect the fencing. Call 608-267-4918 to learn more.