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Madison-based brewery teams up with Harley-Davidson

Wisconsin Brewing Company and Harley-Davidson have created a non-alcoholic beer.

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Wisconsin Brewing Company has created a non-alcoholic American Pils. | Photo via Drink Road King

Verona’s Wisconsin Brewing Company and Harley-Davidson have collaborated on a new non-alcoholic beer — Road King.

The officially licensed Harley-Davidson brew contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. An American Pils, it’s customized with a touch of hops.

Paul Verdu, Wisconsin Brewing Company’s president, stated, “We believe Harley-Davidson riders and fans will be proud to have this special brand in hand, and it will resonate with motorcycle enthusiasts and beer lovers alike.”

The brew is now available at local Harley-Davidson dealerships, select local liquor stores (think: Total Wine & More), and at Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Museum.

The beer will also be making appearances at the coming Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival (July 25-28) in Milwaukee and the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (Aug. 2-11) in South Dakota.

Eager to get your hands on the new local bev? It will soon be available nationally via online ordering.