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Give these Madison live music venues a listen

We’ve made a concerted effort to orchestrate this roadmap, so you can focus on finding the artists you adore.

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City Editor Ally recently saw Lil Wayne at the Sylvee. | Photo by 608today

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Hear that? It’s the scintillating sound of Madison’s live music venues beckoning you to a performance you’ll never forget.

The concert scene is truly unmatched in our area — from bluegrass to jazz, there’s a stage for any type of tune. To get to know them all, you must do three things.

Put your hands in the air, wave ‘em like you just don’t care, then lay your eyes (and ears) on our guide.


The Rigby, 119 E. Main St. | Capacity 250
If you’re looking for local music acts, you’ll find them at The Rigby. Stop by on karaoke night to make the stage your own.

The Annex, 1206 Regent St. | Capacity: 400
Adjoined to Red Zone, the stage has hosted to acts such as Svdden Death, Afro Man, and Atilla.

Crystal Corner, 1302 Williamson St. | Capacity: 200
If you want to book a show at Crystal Corner, email Bobby your desired dates, performance videos, and when and where you’ve played in Madison.

Moody vibes

Red Rooster, 2513 Seiferth Rd. | Capacity: 99
The food is great, and the music is even better. Inspired by the Knuckle Down Saloon which closed during the pandemic, Red Rooster is Madison’s blues hub.

608 red rooster

The Red Rooster hosts a blues jam most Thursdays. | Photo by Red Rooster Madison

Cafe CODA, 1224 Williamson St. | Capacity: 99
Ya like jazz? If so, you’ll love Cafe CODA where musical performances meet community engagement.

North Street Cabaret, 610 North St. | Capacity: 99
Catch an upcoming Americana, jazz, or folk performance at this intimate venue “dedicated to the presentation of roots music.”

Concert halls

Hamel Music Center, 740 University Ave.| Capacity: 660
Built in 2019, this architecturally impressive building boasts a curtain-like exterior concrete wall, as well as windows that mimic music notes along North Lake Street.

Overture Center, 201 State St. | Capacity varies by stage
One of Madison’s more popular large-scale venues, the Overture Center is the place to be for Broadway musical fans. The 2023/24 season includes “Mamma Mia,” “Les Misérables,” and “Beetlejuice.”

Wisconsin Union Theater, Capacity: 1165 (Shannon Hall), 180 (Play Circle)
Led and organized by a student committee, each performance season includes music, touring dance, and theater.

Variety venues

Crucible, 3116 Commercial Ave | Capacity: 325
Be sure to double-check the event schedule, the Crucible hosts a variety of live events from local electronic shows to monthly fetish parties.

Barrymore, 2090 Atwood Ave. | Capacity: 970
Since 1929 this theater has been entertaining the SASY neighborhood with live music, comedy, films, plays, and community events.

608 barrymore

The Barrymore features a mix of Spanish colonial and Italian Renaissance styles. | Photo by 608today

Bur Oak, 2262 Winnebago St. | Capacity: 130
Whether you’re checking out a local music act or comedy show, the cozy interior and large bar make for a great casual night out.

Frank Productions venues

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