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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile gets a new name

Wienermobile on Lake Monona

It’s safe to say it’ll take Madisonians a while to adjust to the name change. | Photo by Chris Malchow

The artist formerly known as the Wienermobile is taking on a new title — Frankmobile.

While there are niche groups of Bubblemobile, Ghostbuster Van, and Bookmobile fans, the Wiener-ahem-Frankmobile is seemingly the most universally beloved + iconic Madison vehicle.

It all began when Oscar F. Mayer opened his first meat packing market in 1883 down in Chicago after gaining experience working in the city’s stockyards.

After gaining traction in the wiener biz, Oscar F.'s son clued his dad in on a meat packing plant in Madison. Being in Wisconsin meant big savings when it came to livestock transportation costs. So in 1919, the Mayers moved to Madison.

Oscar Mayer

Oscar F. Mayer (left), Oscar G. Mayer (middle), Oscar G. Mayer Jr. (right), and Little Oscar (Meinhardt Raabe)

In 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, Oscar Mayer debuted the Wienermobile as a way to boost morale while advertising. By 1988, a fleet of six Wienermobiles was traversing across the country.

Scared of change? Fret not. The name is the only change being made to the iconic vehicle in order to reflect/promote a new wiener recipe coming this summer.

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