Madison locals reminisce on businesses of yesteryear

We rounded up a few now-closed Madison businesses that our followers feel nostalgia for.

Exterior of Ella's Deli with a circus-themed overhang, outdoor carousel, and colorful signage

This East Washington landmark closed in 2018. Photo via Ella’s Deli

Are there now-closed Madison diners, music venues, bars, and businesses you miss? We recently asked our followers this question and now we’re taking a trip back in time.

Avenue Bar, 1128 E. Washington Ave. | 1971-2021
The conference room tables in the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra’s new building are made with wood from the Avenue Bar, paying homage to the site’s history.

Burrito Drive, 310 S. Brearly St. | 2007-2023
This late-night staple succumbed to the pandemic — a lack of bar crowds during the pandemic resulted in a subsequent decrease in the need for 3 a.m. burritos packed with Spam, Velveeta, and tater tots.

Ella’s Deli, 2902 E. Washington Ave. | 1976-2018
The iconic carousel from this circus-esque deli found a new home on the Epic Systems campus.

Manna Café and Bakery, 611 N Sherman Ave. | 2005-2020
Grab a copy of the cookbook written by former owner Barb Pratzel in which she reminisces on her business journey and shares recipes.

Visions Night Club, 554 E. Washington Ave. | 1976-2020
What was once a notorious strip club is now home to Gooh Grocery.

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