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Guess the mystery Madisonian

Find the answer on our Instagram and Facebook tomorrow.

guess the mystery madisonian

Think you know who it is? Find out tomorrow on our Instagram and Facebook.

Graphic by 608today

Happy Monday, 608. Let’s start the week off with a little guessing game.

  • While born about an hour west, this mystery man was based in Madison for most of his career.
  • He made a smart choice when picking the location for his business.
  • Far from trashy, he has an esteemed legacy.
  • He is known for his alternative approach to life.
  • This summer, he’ll be paying a visit to the 608 with some friends.
  • His career, still going strong today, has been a smashing success.
  • For the last clue, well, Nevermind.

Do you think you know who this is? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the answer tomorrow morning.