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Construction is planned to begin in 2024 for Wisconsin’s first Buc-ee’s in DeForest.

Move over Kwik Trip, Wisconsinites can look forward to having a new gas station to idolize as construction on the state’s first Buc-ee’s is around the corner.

Giant Buc-ee's Inflatable

City Editor Jonathan is quite excited about the new Buc-ee’s. | Photo by 608today

Bucky Badger is going to have a new friend in town: Buc-ee the beaver.

It was announced some months back that the beloved chain of gas stations, Buc-ee’s, would have its first Wisconsin location in DeForest.

Now, DeForest city officials are asking state planners for a larger highway interchange near the site of the not-yet-built travel stop. Why? The village expects an influx of travelers and new development in the area.

Over a gas station? Yes. Buc-ee’s has a cult-like following. Originating in Texas in 1982, Buc-ee’s has become a Disneyland for gasoline and an oasis for those wanting the “Best Bathroom in America.”

They’ve got beef jerky bars, brisket sandwiches, Buc-ee’s apparel and Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets. They’ve also got world records for largest convenience store and longest car wash.

Wisconsinites love their Kwik Trips. Will they spread their love when construction begins on the new Buc-ee’s in 2024?