The Monona Terrace is getting an upgrade

Check out what’s in store for the Monona Terrace’s facility improvement project which takes place once every 10 years.


New year, new terrace. | Photo by @sekretempire

This week, the Monona Terrace kicked off its two-week facility improvement project.

Hosting over 470 events a year can take a toll on a building. For this reason, the Monona Terrace undergoes upkeep renovations once a decade in addition to day-to-day maintenance.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Wood door and furniture restoration
  • Kitchen floor resurfacing
  • Painting
  • General repairs
  • 125,442 sqft of new carpeting

Fun fact: The new carpeting will be nearly identical to the iconic red pattern we all know. This design was created by Anthony Puttnam, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. Puttnam pulled inspiration from the building’s architecture as well as the curved leaves of the Ginkgo tree to compliment Wright’s work.

As a LEED Platinum-certified venue, Monona Terrace prioritizes sustainability. The old carpeting will be recycled and its fibers will be used for other products.

During renovations, the terrace will be closed to the public through Friday, January 26.

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