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Madisonians are meshing

Mesh is a new app that lets Madisonians become friends at local coffee shops.

Four twenty-somethings sit at a coffee shop in delightful conversation.jpg

Mesh is a new app created by a local from Monona. | Photo via Mesh

Local entrepreneur Michael Orosz-Fagan launched a new free app, Mesh, that matches groups of Madisonians with potential friends.

How it works

  • Sign up by filling out a four-minute online survey.
  • Each Wednesday, you’ll get a text message asking if you’re up for a Saturday coffee with new friends.
  • Those who say “Yes” are grouped into fours.
  • On Thursday, you’ll be assigned a coffee shop to meet at.
  • On Saturday, before the meetup, you’ll get another text with photos of your group members (this is for safety and to help everyone find each other).

Orosz-Fagen, who grew up in Monona, says, “What we want to do is provide really fun and safe connections for people.”

Does it work?

On May 25, 50 people connected at local coffee shops. On June 1, 100 people connected. On June 8, 180 people connected. There are now over 700 people signed up in Madison.

Maggie Chandler gave it a whirl recently. “I learned that one of the folks in my group lives really close by. In fact, I ended up running into her and her roommate at James Madison Park later that day and we had a spontaneous picnic.”

Where do you meet new friends in Madison? Let us know.