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Halloween is right around the corner, consider these Madison-themed costumes for this year’s festivities

Need some Halloween costume inspiration? We’re brainstorming a few 608-inspired ideas that are sure to impress (or scare) your fellow Madisonians.

608 halloween

We hope everyone has a scary good Halloween. | Graphic by 608today

Halloween is less than two weeks away. Now that your plans are set, it’s time to lock in a Madison-themed costume.

Pink is predicted to be a popular hue this Halloween thanks to the “Barbie” boom. Put a unique spin on it while honoring the official bird of Madison.

Cat taking a bath
A pair of cat ears and a loofah is all you need to pay homage to local artist Art Paul Schlosser’s popular song, “My Cat Was Taking a Bath.”

Traffic cone
Every isthmus resident’s biggest fear.

Four lakes
Need a last-minute group costume? Dress head to toe in blue, slap a few “Hello, my name is” stickers on your shirts, and write in each lake name.

Typical Madisonian
Another use for those “Hello, my name is” stickers, take some creative liberty in putting together your own “Typical Madisonian” costume. Perhaps some biking gear with your favorite craft beer in hand.