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Finding a quiet spot in Madison

With noise pollution on the rise, places you can find silence in the 608.

A white tree against a deep blue sky with a beam of sunlight coming through.jpg

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is an oasis in Mad City. | Photo by 608today

Shhhh…do you hear that? It’s probably not silence.

Noise pollution has become, according to the World Health Organization, “an underestimated threat.” Noise can impair our sleep, productivity, and our hearing.

A photo of a dock ramp on Lake Mendota during a crystal blue day.JPG

There are plenty of parks along Lake Mendota’s lakefront to find solitude. | Photo by 608today conducted a study to find places where locals can escape noise pollution. Researchers assessed 3,000+ parks and nature spaces across 245 cities and assigned them “Quiet Scores” based on visitor reviews, ratings, and popularity.

Madison ranked as the No. 29 loudest city in the US. Some of Madison’s quietest spots according to (with some thoughts of our own):

  • Olbrich Gardens
  • Lake Mendota
  • UW-Madison Arboretum
  • Allen Centennial Gardens
  • Lakeshore Nature Preserve
  • Aldo Leopold Nature Center
  • Tenney Park
  • Warner Park
  • Owens Conservation Park
  • Alumni Park
The exterior of the Wisconsin State Capitol on a bright blue day.JPG

There are plenty of marbled alcoves to find some quiet in Wisconsin’s State Capitol. | Photo by 608today

Fine choices, all. We have a few ideas of our own for those wanting to be indoors:

Where do you go to get away from it all? Let us know.