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Does being a Madisonian mean we have a different personality than someone, from, say, La Crosse?

There’s a new science out there called geopsychology.

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Being a Madisonian makes us extroverted and agreeable. | Photo by 608today

Does where we physically live have any bearing on the kind of personalities we have? Science is pointing toward, “Yes.”

It’s a new science called geopsychology.

What is it?

As ResearchGate notes, “It is defined as the relationship between the complex matrix of static and time-varying geophysical and geochemical variables within a locality and human behavior.” This is to say, there is a correlation between one’s geophysical space and one’s mind.

Living betwixt lakes on an isthmus makes our personalities different from, say, a local from La Crosse.

What does it say about Wisconsinites?

A map of personality, highlighting confidence and kindness, has been created. Findings include:

  • We’re highly extroverted compared to everyone else in the US.
  • We’re agreeable, but less than our Minnesota neighbors.
  • We’re on the lower end of conscientiousness.
  • We’re fairly emotionally stable.
  • We’re more closed minded than open.

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