Voices: How to Contribute

So, you want to contribute to 608today?

Here’s what we’ll need.👇

✅ First-person narratives about topics affecting Madison that you are passionate about.
✅ Experiential articles. Do you have a unique job or see the city in a different way because you just moved here? Tell us about it.
✅ Visuals — always include photos. They need to be high-quality and you must be the photographer or have permission from the photographer to share them. If you get permission, you must share the proper credit with us.
✅ If you’re contributing, we hope you’re also reading. Please keep it on-brand. We generally focus on positive, productive, solution-oriented conversations. Read our editorial ethics policy.
✅ Submissions need to be factual, trustworthy + correct.

The specifics

✅ 200–400 word limit but the content needs to be substantive.
✅ Provide links so people can click for more info/context.

We don’t want:

❌ Press releases or promotions. Send those here.
❌ Political submissions. Read more about our editorial coverage here.

Here are some examples:

608today Voices examples

Get started

✅ Fill out the form below.
✅ Upload your text and photos.
✅ Note your byline — real name, pen name, or request anonymous publication.
✅ Questions or comments? Email [email protected] with the subject Voices.

The fine print

  • All published content must adhere to our Editorial Ethics Policy, found here.
  • We reserve the right to make edits, such as shortening, grammar, and punctuation, or clarification.
  • We reserve the right to format submissions to match our product guidelines. This may include the bolding, italicization, or hyperlinking of text within a piece.
  • If you choose not to include a featured story photo that meets our photo specifications, our team will select a photo at our discretion to be used with your piece.
  • Not everything that is published on our website will be featured in our daily newsletter or on social media.
  • We refrain from cross-posting content — so if your piece is already published on another blog or site, it will not be eligible for submission.
  • We are currently not offering compensation for Voices content.
  • We will not own content you submit and you can submit it elsewhere, however, we have the right to repost and re-publish with attribution.
  • We aim to let you know within 5 business days if your copy will be published.
  • All the other fine print can be found here
  • Submit Your Voices Piece

    Notes & Tips

  • Select the one social media platform that you would like to link to from your content.
  • Drop files here or