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A guide to Madison’s pizza scene

Dig into Madison’s must-try pizza shops including fun flavors, fancy offerings, and frozen favorites.

608 Salvatore's pizza

Salvatore’s Pizza. | Photo by 608today

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Whenever we’re feeling saucy, we like to dig into a slice of local pizza. Madison’s pizza scene is bubbling with options — and we keep finding ways to top ourselves.

If you’re on the quest for the perfect slice, we’ve pie-oneered a list of 20+ places to grab pizza that are definitely worth the dough.

Fun flavs

Glass Nickel Pizza Co., 2916 Atwood Ave. and 5003 University Ave, Madison; 410 E. Main St., Sun Prairie
Try the Pizzanga before the end of December — ricotta, beef, cavatappi noodles, and classic Italian sauce.

Ian’s Pizza, 3241 Garver Green; 100 State St.; and 319 N. Frances St., Madison
You know ‘em, you love ‘em. Both the rotating and seasonal menus offer unique flavors including Cheesy Potato Ranch, Smokey the Bandit, and S’more.

608 Ian's pizza

What’s your go-to Ian’s order? | Photo by 608today

Papa Jimmy’s Pizzeria, 224 W. Cottage Grove Rd., Cottage Grove
City Editor Ally’s favorite Mac n’ Cheese pizza around town — sorry, Ian’s.

Italian staples

Lombardino’s, 2500 University Ave., Madison
This classic Italian American spot has been feeding Madisonians for over 70 years. If you haven’t tried the Pizza Carbonara, this is your sign to do so.

608 Lombardino's pizza

The Pizza Carbonara at Lombardino’s is a must-try. | Photo by 608today

Naples 15, 15 N. Butler St., Madison
Owner and executive chef Salvatore Di Scala lived most of his life in Italy and has brought the heart of Naples to the heart of Wisconsin.

Novanta Pizzeria, 8452 Old Sauk Rd.; 2903 University Ave., Madison
Novanta means ninety in Italian, a reference to the ninety seconds that these Neapolitan pizzas are baked in stone ovens.

Pizza Brutta, 1805 Monroe St., Madison
Get the best of both worlds between the pizza rosso and the pizza bianco menus.

Porta Bella Italian Restaurant, 425 N. Frances St., Madison
From the owners of Paisan’s, enjoy thin-crust pies in a moody atmosphere.


Buck’s Pizza, 219 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison
From the secret sauce to the homemade dough, all ingredients are made from scratch.

Greenbush Bar, 914 Regent St., Madison
Fun fact: Before 1960, the Greenbush neighborhood was known as Madison’s “Little Italy.” This establishment aims to preserve the history of the neighborhood via traditional ‘za.

Jet’s Pizza, 2831 Parmenter St., Middleton
The thick crust can support all the cheese, sauce, and toppings you desire.

North Shore Pizza and Subs, 4503 Monona Dr., Monona
Grub on authentic pizza and subs from the north shore of Boston.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies, 10 N. Livingston St. and 912 E. Johnson St., Madison; 5511 Monona Dr., Monona; 121 E. Main St., Sun Prairie
With five Madison-area locations, you’re never far from a fresh pie.

Strada, Memorial Union, 800 Langdon St., Madison
The Memorial Union Terrace location lets you enjoy your pizza with a view.

Sit down

Branch and Daughter Quality Meats and Market, 6601 Traveler Tr., Windsor
A one-stop shop, this meat market and eatery sources from local farms and small businesses.

Grampa’s Pizzeria, 1374 Williamson St., Madison
The most romantic restaurant in Wisconsin, according to Yelp. It also got a shoutout from Seth Meyers.

Lucille, 101 King St. Madison
The Wisco-Detroit style pies are baked in steel pans and boast crispy cheddar crusts.

608 Lucille pizza

Lucille brings a slice of Detroit to Madison. | Photo by 608today

Great for groups

Falbo Bros Pizzeria, 406 S Park St. and 1207 North Sherman Ave., Madison; 101 River Pl., Monona; 1219 W. Main St., Sun Prairie
Is your family indecisive? The large menu features something for everyone — salads, sandwiches, chicken tenders.

It’s Good For You, 521 N. Sherman Ave., Madison
Takeout pizzas are served whole to optimize the traveling and reheating processes.

Luigi’s Pizza, 515 S. Midvale Blvd., Madison
Part of the Food Fight Restaurant Group, this pizzeria is perfect for family outings.

Pizza Pit, 6628 Odana Rd.; 13 Atlas Ct.; 1614 Monroe St., Madison
Having a pizza party? Call Pizza Pit for both thin and stuffed Chicago-style ‘zas.


Wisconsin grocery stores are known for being chock-full of frozen pizza options. See: The four-aisle section at Woodman’s. We’d be remiss to do a pizza roundup without mentioning some of the state’s favorite frozen pies.

  • Drafthouse, Medford
  • Emil’s, Watertown
  • Jack’s, Little Chute
  • Lotzaa Motzza, Green Bay
  • Roma, Eau Claire
  • Screamin’ Sicilian, Milwaukee
  • Tombstone, Medford
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