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Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co.’s Scoopenger Hunt


Are you a cup or cone kinda person? | Photo by @chocolateshoppeicecream

Table of Contents

We’re going on a scavenger hunt, ice cream style.

The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. is celebrating 60 years of ice cream on the Isthmus — founded by Chuck Sr. and Nancy Deadman in 1962.

With 100+ flavors and eight Wisconsin parlors, Chocolate Shoppe supplies over 400 small restaurants and scoop shops across the country. Producing super-premium ice cream aka with an overrun of less than 50% (which decreases the amount of air, creating smoother and richer ice cream), the 14% butterfat treat encompasses their slogan — “You want nutrition, eat carrots.”


Balloons to celebrate at the Atwood location. | Photo by 608today team

Places to stop

All 15 spots on the hunt are connected to the ice cream shop. Whether they supply mix-ins for the dairy goodness or are one of the eight ice cream shops, each one plays a role in ice cream creation.

Grab a card at any scoop shop + stop at each community location for a stamp. Three stamps earn you a goodie bag, while all 15 get you Shoppe swag + the chance to win ice cream for the year. Locations include:

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