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Sell and showcase your handmade arts and crafts in Madison

Calling all crafters. If you’re looking for a way to turn your hobby into income, check out these craft fair opportunities in Madison.

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You can find Love U Candle at the Night Market. | Photo by 608today

Now that we’ve covered a few ways to get your creative juices flowing in Madison, let’s take a look at some upcoming craft fairs where you can show (and sell) your handmade goods.

Creative Power | Applications open Tuesday, Oct. 31
Arts for All Wisconsin (AFA) is seeking submissions from Wisconsin artists who identify as having a disability. Submissions are open Oct. 31-Feb. 14, and winners will be added to the AFA Traveling Exhibition.

Olbrich Fine Art and Craft Show | 3330 Atwood Ave. | Saturday Feb. 10-Sunday, Feb. 11 | $15-$25
Artwork using commercial kits, patterns, or prefabricated forms won’t be accepted.

Hatch Art House | 1248 Williamson St.
Those submitting to become a “hatching artist” should have an established body of work so items can be sold and restocked for at least six months.

Madison Night Market | Early summer-fall 2024
Fill out the 2024 season interest form to get your information in front of organizers. The official application will be available by March 2024.

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