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Madison’s hometown superhero

The Badger is a superhero created by a former Madisonian.

The first issues of the Badger comic book that features a character in red and blue tights.jpg

The Badger, created by Mike Baron, was published by a Madison-based comic book publishing company. | Photo by 608today

You won’t see him in the latest Marvel movie or fighting crime in DC’s Hall of Justice, but there’s a superhero right here in the 608: The Badger.

Origin story

In 1983, Wisconsinite Mike Baron created a superhero named The Badger whose stomping grounds are in Madison. The comic was published by Capital Comics.

Founded in Madison in 1980 by Milton Griepp and John Davis, the company ceased operations in 1984, but “The Badger” lived on, being published by First Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Image Comics.

Who is Mike Baron?

Prolific, Baron has won two Eisners (the Academy Awards of comics) and written for “The Punisher,” “Flash,” “Deadman,” “Star Wars,” and many other titles.

Panels of the Badger comic book where the hero is using martial arts against a criminal.jpg

The Badger was published in the early 1980s by Madisonians. | Photo by 608today

Who is The Badger?

Vietnam War veteran Norbert Sykes suffers from multiple personality disorder. Badger, one of his personalities, is an urban vigilante who can talk to animals.

It gets stranger. After escaping a mental institution, he meets a 5th-century Druid named Ham. Ham has been awakened from a 1,500-year coma and calls upon Nobert/Badger to be his bodyguard and fight demons.

It gets stranger still. Other personalities of Sykes include architect Max Swell, Emily, a 9-year-old girl, and Leroy, a dog.

Where to find the Badger

There are a handful of comic book stores in the 608 where you might find our local hero: